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Topsoil Creation


  • Keep leaves and small braches together.
  • Caliper of the branches should be kept to 2 inches maximum in diameter.
  • Larger wood takes longer to decompose.
  • Stockpile leaves and debris.
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  • Grinding results in approximately 50% reduction in space required to compost.
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When grinding and composting limbs, dirt, and leaves...

  • Occasionally turn the pile to allow oxygen into the compost and sterilize the pile.
  • Adding nitrogen and water will speed the process.
  • Add dirt as you can to the mixture. Topsoil is 90% sand and 10% organic matter.
  • Turn the compost pile as necessary with a minimum of 3 times.
  • Compost mixture is 90 % organic and 10 % dirt if that.
  • Adding dirt will give a well balanced mixture.
  • Getting a soil test as you get close to selling the material is recommended.
  • Screening may be necessary to produce beautiful topsoil quickly.
  • Re-compost any oversized pieces.

Sell your topsoil/compost with each proposal you make. Approximately value of topsoil is $16 to $40 per yard. The photo below is roughly 1000 yards of mixture.



Add Dirt


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