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Pallet Recycling - Pallet Disposal

Wood Pallet Recycling and Pallet Disposal

We grind and reduce disposal wood waste, wooden pallets, wooden crates and boxes on site and use the by-products for colored mulch. We normally work within a 100 mile radius of Charleston, South Carolina.

Used Pallet Recycling and Recovery Service

Why we grind pallets and wood waste for you?  

You decrease your operational costs associated with disposal and transportation cost associated with wooden pallet recycling, used pallet recycling and pallet disposal.

It just makes sense to grind wood waste as it is easier to process, move and reuse it in a green friendly and economical way verses traditional means of disposing of waste wood, wooden crates and wood pallets.

Unusable Wooden Pallets, Crates and Boxes — Pallet Disposal

Wooden pallets, wooden crates  and wooden boxes are often used in industries to ship products, materials or parts. When these items become unusable or unsafe for shipping disposal of them can become a problem.

Wood Pallet Removal

Excess scrap from pallet recycling or pallet removal or other wooden containers can become a useful product and one that should not be quickly discarded.

Green Waste Disposal

It is more expensive and even being outlawed in some states to haul wood waste and wooden pallets to the landfill.

Incineration which was once widely used has become environmentally unpopular especially for those who are affected by asthma and other environmental agents. Not to mention how piles of billowing smoke coming from a plant will stigmatize its reputation within that community. Making these industries a target for those looking to revitalize and safeguard  their homes and towns.  

We should be a green community already by the nature of our business. It can cost less than other disposal options, and creates income for the company.

Disposal Techniques

  • Burning Wood Waste?

    • Can be dangerous!

    • It is time consuming.

    • Not "green-friendly".

    • May be illegal in some areas.

    • Hard to do with dirt content.

Burning Waste
  • Roll-Off Containers?

    • Can cost $10 to $18 per yard.

    • Could raise your solid waste assessment.

    • No return on your expenses.

Roll-Off Container
  • Do Nothing?

    • Creates an eyesore.

    • Can consume valuable real estate.

Non recycled waste
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Material That Can Be Recycled

  • Limbs, Clippings, and Dirt.
Limbs, clippings and dirt
  • Organic Wood Waste.
Organic Wood Waste

Dead plants can have their soilless mix reconstituted.

  • The reconstituted material can be used to repot your new crop.

Wood waste   Reconstructed Material

  • Commercial Pallets and Crates Wood Waste

    • Crates and Pallets are ground.

    • Then reduced to fuel or particle board stock or light colored mulch after removing metallic material.

Grinding wood waste   Colored Mulch   Colored Mulch

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