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Pallet Recovery

Pallet Removal Services

Pallet removal services: Pallets can be a trash issue for some companies and a needed commodity for others. SCWWM is the intermediary of businesses trying to save on wood waste disposal and others trying to acquire pallets for shipping their products domestically on 40 x 48 GMA (see picture below) or overseas with heat treated euro pallets and crates. While we offer Free Pickup on wood products they need to meet certain criteria to qualify. Usually they need to be the type of products that can be resold to get the value out of the load. If the valuable products have been cherry picked off or the load is in need of processing then a small fee is imposed. This fee is 30-50% less than conventional waste removal so recycling still has cost saving benefits. To see if your load qualifies for a free or reduced rate pickup then send a picture Here.

40 by 48 grade A recycled pallets

40 x 48 grade A recycled pallets


Serving Charleston, North Charleston, Moncks Corner, Summerville, Hanahan, Johns Island, West Ashley, Isle of Palms, Sullivans Island, Mount Pleasant, Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island, James Island, Goose Creek and neighboring cities in South Carolina.

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Crates and Pallets For Sale

We pickup pallets and shipping crates from the different recycling locations and sell them on the open market. Buying recycled pallets saves money as well as it is the green thing to do. Pallets in the recycled market are cleaned, checked for defects repaired as needed and sorted by size. Pallets can often be used 20 or more times before they need to be retired depending on the products shipped. We sort these 40 x 48 pallets into different grades to be sold in a uniform fashion.  We also sell heat treated pallets for overseas transportation, euro pallets that take European sizes in to mind.  These are most often 9 block configuration and are of good quality. Let us fill your next order for your pallet, shipping skids, and/or crate for your shipping needs. ( Purchase pallets contact page link )

We Buy Pallets

Purchasing pallets from the open market has a variety of different aspects: from the occasional warehouse manager trying to make some extra money, to salvage operators realizing their haul may be worth something. Pallet purchases or people selling pallets need to understand the transportation costs involved. We grade the load on its resale value and the cost to retrieve the products, the time it takes to load the products, and to ship the products.

Pallet Pricing

The best pricing is for Grade A pallets delivered to our site. The next best pricing is for well organized, well stacked pallets sorted by size and quality to be loaded on our trucks in an expedited fashion, as time is one of our defining factors on pickup charges. If the entire wood recycling load is not resale quality then there may be a discount on the pickup charges, send us a picture of what you are trying to sell and we can call you with a price for your pallets.

Sell Us Your Pallets.

Crates and Skids

Crates are a high vale item that is often overlooked in the shipping area. We have custom crates that will fit almost any need as well as recycled crates that have an advantage of shipping products in a safe and protected manner, if your products need protection then consider used wooden shipping crates as an alternative to pallet shipping.  These Packaging alterative can be modified to have your company’s Logo, phone numbers, special instructions imprinted on them to increase brand awareness and protection from water theft and damage ( buy crates contact us page )

neatly stacked and banded crates