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Mulch, Colors, Techniques

Color Options

  • Dark brown is the most popular color.
  • Other options...
    • Light brown.
    • Red
    • Can be a variety of colors

    Is the Dye Safe?

    • The dye is made up of iron oxide or rust.
    • Commonly used in dog food , or cat food to give it color, and considered an iron supplement.
    • Becomes permanent after drying.
    • Be careful not to apply during wet conditions or until the mulch is completely dry so you do not stain driveway or wash off the mulch.

Other Colors

Dark Brown 

Light Brown


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Why Dye Your Mulch?

  • It gives your mulch 9 months + of good color.
  • Non dyed mulch will have a gray look in 30 days.
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  • Mulch can then be blown into place or placed by hand. 
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